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by Q-See

  2. You may see a message that QTView.pkg is from an Unidentified Developer
  3. Double-Click
    • Double-Click

  4. QTView will appear in the same folder as the
    • QTView will appear in the same folder as the

    • You need to DRAG the QT View app icon into your Applications Folder.

    • Double-Click QTView to launch

    Move from download folder to Application folder so it will not crash when trying to open

    Rick Casanova - Reply

  5. Enter a Username
    • Enter a Username

    • Enter a Password and Confirm

    • Click Register

    • Security questions are optional, and recommended.

  6. Enter the Username and Password from Step 5.
    • Enter the Username and Password from Step 5.

    • Click Login

    What's the default (user name) and ( password)

    Juan Guaderrama - Reply

    there is no default user name or password. The User and Password are configured in step 5. If you have forgotten the password, you will need to uninstall the QT view software, and re-install.

    Q-See - Reply

  7. Click Create Device
    • Click Create Device

  8. Select your Device Type
    • Select your Device Type

  9. Select Serial Number for remote access.
    • Select Serial Number for remote access.

  10. Enter the Serial Number of your system.
    • Enter the Serial Number of your system.

    • Enter the Server Port

    • Default Sever Port: 6036

    • Enter the Username and Password to your system.

    • Click Create a New Area

  11. Enter an Area Name
    • Enter an Area Name

    • Click OK

  12. Click OK
    • Click OK

  13. Click Live Preview
    • Click Live Preview

  14. Click and Drag Root into a blank square.
    • Click and Drag Root into a blank square.

    • The cameras will automatically load.

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Very useful, Thank you

John Godson - Reply

Installer blows up every time I try to open it. Running OSX ver10.13.6

Ed Burton - Reply

Me too. I’m on High Sierra 10.13.6 and it just pops up with an error saying that it quit unexpectedly right after I allowed the install source and tried to open it.

Thaddeus Gutierrez - Reply

Ed / Thaddeus,

Can you please reach out to our Technical Support team at 877-998-3440 so we can troubleshoot with you?

We have tested this version of QT View with the latest version of OS X Mojave 10.14, on a 21.5 inch iMac (Late 2012). We would like to work with your to find a resolution.

Best Regards,


Q-See - Reply

Success! But….

1. The download was a zip file which, when unzipped produced (not a package)

2. The MUST be moved to the applications folder. Running it from the downloads folder will fail.

3. When the error message about the “Unidentified Developer” happens, Go to System Preferences - Security and Privacy where a question about allowing this app to run will be located.

Lee Kleinecke - Reply

Thank you all for your feedback. We have just published a new version of QT View for OS X and updated the setup steps.

Q-See - Reply

Worked … A bit wonky but worked and is the workaround for Safari no longer supporting the plug in.

CAS - Reply

Hi there,

I entered the the information that you referred to it, but it gives me the following message “Node is not online” I’m on High Sierra.

could you help me fixing the problem. I used the same information that I used in my NVR app.

Dan - Reply


Node is not online usually occurs if there is an issue with the connection via Scan N View. Are you using Scan N View to connect on your mobile devices without issues? Are you using a computer on the same local network as the DVR, but using the Scan N View method? Sometimes, Scan N View will work remotely (such as a mobile device) but not locally. You may want to contact our support team @ 877-998-3440 if you are still unable to connect.

Best Regards,

Q-See -

All went well until Step 14 with (OS X) HOW TO INSTALL. Could not click and drag the icon (root in your Step 14) into a blank square, and so cameras did not load. QT 4760-841, OS X, version 10.11.6

Keith Mobley - Reply


If the device is online, you can also try double clicking.

Q-See -

No action on double clicks.

Keith Mobley - Reply


Go back to Control Panel - Devices. Does your dvr appear online? If the system does not show online, you may need to troubleshoot the connection.

Best Regards,

Q-See - Reply

In Control Panel, under Create, Change or Delete Device, I see the Device Name, Type (Q-SEE DVR) and 0’s under each of the headings, including IP Address with this (Automatically…) Under Device Number, 382

Keith Mobley - Reply


It does not appear that the device has been added correctly. Please contact our support team @877-998-3440 for additional help.

Best regards,

Q-See - Reply

Whenever i try to open it, it force quits and says it happened unexpectedly

really wish it would have worked

Larissa Lee Olson - Reply


Please drag the QT View app icon into your Applications folder, as described in step 4.

Best Regards,

Q-See -

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