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by Priti Sharma

  1. From the Main Screen, right click your mouse.
    • From the Main Screen, right click your mouse.

    • Click Menu

  2. Click System
    • Click System

    • Click User

  3. Click Add
    • Click Add

  4. Enter a Username
    • Enter a Username

    • Select a User Type

    • Operator: Similar to admin account.

    • User: Limited rights.

    • Enter the Password for the account, and Confirm

    • Setup the Basic Permissions

  5. Setup the Camera Permissions
    • Setup the Camera Permissions

    • Each of the Camera Permissions, can be configured individually to include any number of cameras.

    • Click OK

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Locked user !

I have the default user admin. And only one person use the system is me.

but my system often return a message “user is locked”

when this happen, I have to wait for it to unlock.

My guess is that someone tried to use admin user and try to figure out the admin password and the result is user admin get locked.

Question: IS THERE A WAY TO CHANGE USER admin TO other name (eg adinxxx ) so that people don’t know the admin user by default; so that they will get the message (user and/or password combination is not correct) and the adminxxx user is not locked up.

Thank you.


Van - Reply

My recommendation would be to access your system only using the Serial Number. If you are using port forwarding to access your system, you can potentially expose your network, and make your recorder accessible.

Utilizing the serial number is the most secure method of accessing your recorder.

Priti Sharma -

Thank you for your response.

would you please advise how to use the serial number for login and hopefully, remove the user admin.


Van - Reply

Here are the links for accessing the system from a computer using the Serial Number. Unfortunately the only browser supported is Internet Explorer.

PC: PC Software Setup

OS X: OS X Software Setup

Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer Setup

Mobile: Mobile Setup

Priti Sharma -

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